Hey, so, I logged in with trakt and it pulls the shows I’m following but isn’t pulling the data in the episodes I’ve watched. Any thoughts?

When we are synching data with your trakt account, we pull all the shows in your Following list and ask to get your full watch history. On one hand, the list sync is pretty fast and easy. On the other hand, the watch history sync can take a long time depending on the size of it.
The things that can influence the watch history sync are:
  • the quality of your internet connection (bad means slower sync)
  • the responsiveness of trakt servers (less means slower sync)
  • the size of your watch history (more means slower sync)
If you have a huge watch history, we recommend you to be really patient and try to let the app finish a full sync.
We are (and will) always try to improve the sync speed. If the sync doesn’t occur do not hesitate to contact us.

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